Australian Grown Garlic Braid Large


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Our Australian Grown Garlic Braids offer a unique way to display and store your garlic.

Our braids include 16 garlic bulbs all braided nicely into one feature piece.

Our Australian Grown garlic braids can be hung by the string provided in the kitchen or pantry and used as needed.

All our garlic has been hand planted and hand harvested. We hang our garlic for 4-6 weeks to ensure they are fully cured before they are available for delivery. This ensures they will store in a well ventilated spot in your home for up to 4-5 months.

Our Braids are currently sold out, please send us an email if you are interested in purchasing and we will get back to you when we have stock available.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome garlic ,,sooo fresh ,,the salts were sensational too ,,very very friendly people. ,,will definitely be backing up for more ,,,, merry christmas ballmattum garlic

Love it!

Love the Large Garlic Braid that I bought recently. The taste of the garlic is fresh and well balanced. The braid looks great hanging in my pantry. Highly recommend it to anyone who loves supporting local produce. The garlic braid arrived by mail. Very impressed with how simple it was to order what I wanted and the service that I received. Thank you.