Garlic Pack- 3 Pack Set


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Wanting to try our whole range? wanting to give a thoughtful gift?

Well we have the perfect solution for you.

Our garlic pack is a set of our range. Each set includes:

1 x Garlic Salt 130g

1 x Minced Garlic 150g

1 x Garlic Powder 80g

Our set comes packaged in its own box for handy gifting.


All our products are made using our garlic that we grow on the farm.

Our garlic is grown chemical free and we hand plant and hand harvest every single garlic. You won’t get it much fresher than that.



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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous products!

Very happy with my 3 Pack Set of Garlic Salt, Garlic Powder and Minced Garlic. Has the most authentic garlic taste I've had in a product like this. I bought extra jars of the Minced Garlic for my kids to use when they cook and have started them on the 'Buy AUSTRALIAN grown and OWNED' journey....<3
Thank you so much for giving us an alternative to the chemically treated/bleached overseas minced garlic that dominates the supermarket shelves!! Coles and Woollies are missing out on $$$ here!!

Best garlic ever

Omg I love it all and use it in my cooking every night thank you x

The best Garlic ever

I always bought Australian Garlic from the supermarkets, and never really could tell much difference. To me Garlic was Garlic.... But i tried Balmuatum Garlic last year...... Well there's no going back now. The Taste is out of this world, they peel easily and store so well.
Will i ever buy garlic instore again.... No Way !!!


Garlic Pack- 3 Pack Set


Beautifully presented garlic products that you can actually taste and enjoy. Was super happy with my purchase!! Made a lovely gift for family and friends. Amanda won’t let you down.