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Black Garlic 50g


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Black Garlic 50g

What is Black Garlic?

Well I’m glad you asked that! Black Garlic is finished product after Garlic Bulbs have been ‘cooked’ at a low temperature high humitity over a long period of time. The process called Millard Reaction is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that turns the garlic black and changes the taste to a slighty sweet, tangy flavour with hints of balsamic.

Black Garlic is soft and spreadable and makes a great additon to a cheese board, spread over steak or added to the top of homemade pizza once its been cooked.

Our Black Garlic come as peeled cloves that are ready to use or whole bulbs.

We will be offering our Black Garlic is small batches throughout the year.
Limited Supply available so don’t delay if you want to get your hands on some.


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Whole Bulbs, Peeled Cloves

Customer Reviews

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Anne Cole
Black garlic 50g

I have it on sourdough toast, with leg ham and avocado.....yum!!
But, I much prefer pickled garlic, it has more punch!
If you ever decide to do pickled garlic, let me know! 😋🤩

Eloise Watson
Black Garlic

Completely different to normal Garlic. It's more a sweet flavour. Delicious on steak. My 6yr old loves it also!