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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your garlic grown?

Our garlic is grown on our farm which is located in Balmattum, Victoria

Is your garlic certificed organic?

Our farm is not certified organic but we are chemical free. We choose to hand weed and use weed gunnel instead of using chemicals.

Our soil is given a healthy dose of compost before planting and we use liquid fertilised during the growing season.

When are garlic braids available?

IGarlic Braids are available from the start of December while stocks last (they are extreamly popular).

We offer a pre-sale on garlic braids around mid-october so you are able to secure your garlic braid and don’t miss out.

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Why is my minced garlic a green colour? Is it safe to eat?

We use vinegar to preserve our minced garlic and the process can cause the garlic is turn a green colour.

While it looks unusual it is completely safe to eat and cook with.

As the garlic ages the amount of chemical precursors increases which causes a larger reaction with the vinegar.

As a small batch business we make our garlic up throughout the year and therefore we get colour variations from new season through to stored garlic.

If you have any questions about this please contact us.

Do you use any additives in your garlic salt or garlic powder?

Our garlic salt contains garlic and salt and our garlic powder contains garlic. We choose not to add any additives to our products because we want the product to be natural.

You might find that our salt or powder clumps slightly, if this happens give the jar/satchel a really good shake to loose it up again.

When are whole bulbs available?

Our Whole bulbs are available from December until sold out (usually May-June)

We are continuing to build up our crop to maximise our garlic availability and hope to have whole bulbs available year round in the future.

What is our returns policy?

If you have any problems with your product/order please contact us.
We are more that happy to rectify any issues that are caused by us or during shipping.
We don’t offer refunds or exchange for change of mind.

What is our shipping policy?

We currently offer flat rate shipping of $12.

We try our best to ship your products within 3 business days for date of order.

If you have any other questions please contact us using the contact us page