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Farm UpDate Jan-June 2023


I have been incredibly slack on the updates to the website but I have decided that the best way to keep this up to date without it become a huge task is to do 6 montly updates. The Jan to June editions will feature all the news about ground preparation and planting and the July to Dec updates will feature the growing, harvesting and curing news. Both editions will have information about stock levels and also updates on the cows and business in general.

So without further ado lets get stuck in.

We had some big changes happen at the start of this year which saw us move off our farm and begin the back and fourth to the property. Janurary was also our time to take a break after harvest and spend some quailty time together in preparation for Bolton starting primary school. We were both looking forward to it and the transition couldn’t have been better. Some would say he took to school like a duck to water.

We starting preparing our garlic patch a little later this year due to Feb being quite dry. We added compost and super/potash to the soil before we used the rotary hoe to incorporated it into the soil. We then got straight into forming the beds and covering them with the weed gunnel.

During the April school holidays we started planting and we didn’t finish until late May. This year we have three turban varieties planted as well as a articoke and creole variety.

The weather has been pretty kind to us this year having recieved a nice amount of rain to keep the beds damp. As we head into winter we will start to maintain the beds by weeding until the weather warms up again.

We indroduced black garlic for the first time this year and have been sucessful in creating a product that was well recieved. It won’t be a big venture for us but will be doing small batches again once the new season garlic comes out of the ground.

As always we have plenty of ready made products available that see us able to supply our Australian Garlic year round even once we sell out of our briads and whole bulbs.

If you are interested in bulbs or braids make sure you sign up to our newsletter so we can let you know when they will be available, they sell out quick!

In cow news we have welcomed 8 new calves this autumn with 1-2 still due to arrive around August/September. We have also inseminated 9 cows for next season with pregnancy testing due to occur in September to see how many are in calf. Always exciting times!

That is it for now,

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1 thought on “Farm UpDate Jan-June 2023”

  1. Hi Amanda,
    Great to see things are going well, I often think of you. Your business is obviously a huge success as your products sell out every year.
    I am looking at purchasing an electric garlic peeler as this task always gets away from me and I hate wasting any product. Can you recommend a brand that is reliable and cost-effective? I peel about 20kg of garlic cloves each year and this is increasing as anything I do not get done on time is replanted and the crop keeps expanding. Luckily I love and use a large volume of garlic.

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